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Hi Jack,
Thank you for your frank comments. I realize most of my photos are not up to the standard that TL members expect, and I am beginning to wonder why I bother to post them on here.
As stated in my profile I did mention that I wasn't even a good amateur photographer. I just wanted to take pictures for my own pleasure and/or share some of my travels with others, not to win points or photography awards.
That being said, I do appreciate all the advice given to me.
As for cameras, I have used several different cameras throughout the years, all of them inexpensive ones. Recently, I bought a Nikon A1400 and have started to use it. Another recent purchase is a Nikon Coolpix L28.
Thanks again,
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Ox Cart Taxi (÷)
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To jackal: Re: Your comments Cho (99)::2015-06-14 06:16