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hello Neels,

seems you found nothing praiseworthy in this photograph and still given your valuable two points! LOL, Neels! you could have simply gone for NR.. no body forced you, right? :D if you don't find a photograph good, and have mentioned that very well.. then, still giving full marks is a kind of hypocrisy. to me, at least.

as for your opinions.. like anyone else, you are free to feel whatever you like. as for me, am more driven by impulse than taking calculated steps. i felt like relating my experience with my photograph.. i always do.. and would love to continue in future. but still, for sake of so called rules, i checked that with other established and old photographers here. seems 'i, me, myself' is quite popular here! am not a pioneer, Neels.. i never was :)

yes, you can have your own views. you can talk about that also. no issues. but, just remember one thing. if someone is different it doesn't mean they are bad. a little bit of flexibility won't put you off guard. trust me, i was very happy to see you posting here. and i don't lie :)

one more point, Neels. and listen to this very carefully. it's always good to carry some idealistic views and opinions. but there is always a risk about that. when you hit people with your so called rigid idealism, people are surely to look back and check out whether you had been following that or not. am talking about some of your own notes, of course.

at this point am so perplexed. i just don't understand why you always need to be so alert and irritated?! as if the whole world is against you and you are to attack for sake of defense!!?
relax Neels. this whole world, with all its variety.. with all its drawbacks even.. is not that bad. am worried for you, my friend. truly.

anyway.. take care.

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