To teamill: Thanks Trudy!rlrad::2011-09-17 17:51
As always, I love to read your critiques - you always manage to stroke my creative ego in just the right way!

It's been a little while since I've had anything really worth sharing here, plus I've been so busy trying to stay retired. It seems to take a certain amount of money to do it right, and I would hate to take any of my investments yet, since I have several years before I can do so without a significant tax hit. So, I use my camera more often to take product shots of items I sell on eBay and real estate photos for agents and home owners trying to sell their homes on-line. It's work, but it's work for me. I work more often and longer for less money before, but somehow it feels better.

I've put together a website and participate on Facebook quite a bit, too, which takes a lot of time. Are you on Facebook?

You can see my website @ I made it to satisfy some band manager that I would not misuse the photos I got from the concert she didn't allow me access to shoot anyway, so I need to make it better. I've got lots of ideas, but to find the time? To find the time for anything is problematic!

I have also been running estate sales. There is a new retirement center that will be open for business very soon not far from me - it's huge and lots of folks from the 'burbs around me are signing on to get into it, so there are more people needing estate liquidations than there are people to manage the sales. I have three of them booked for the next month, I hope I can get them all done and sold in time.

Anyway, things are great, just busier than ever now that I can't do this sort of thing while I'm at work. I find it hard to steal time from myself!

I can't always get here to participate, but I do still watch my favorite's posts and occasionally I have a some time to comment. I like your work and respect you greatly, so I always take a look when you post a new image. There are two people from TE and TL that I watch - you and a friend in India named Tushar Mandal. I've met neither of you face to face, but I feel a certain connection to you both and believe there will be a day when I meet each of you.

Anyway, it's Saturday night and I think I'll watch a movie tonight.

Talk to you later!

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To teamill: Thanks Trudy! rlrad Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 142 W: 8 N: 375] (1374)::2011-09-17 17:51