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To the Owners, Administrators and Moderators - TL is dead zto Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Workshop Editor/Silver Note Writer [C: 916 W: 122 N: 24] (14)::2020-07-20 12:00
This is especially a message to the current Owners of TL and the Administrators.
I became a member of TL at the very beginning, when Adam, who created it and actually cared, ran it. Treklans was a great place for a novice photographer to learn without being intimidated by "the great' who is out there. I posted a lot and I learned a lot. Adam started this as a spin of from Trekearth, for those who wanted to take a more creative approach to photography, and a commend him for that. He created something fantastic. I place to share, to learn and to make friends. As a matter of fact, I have met more than one current and/or previous member of Treklens and it has been a pleasure to do so. For personal reasons, the majority of my posts were taken down. But Treklens has always been in my heart. Until now.
I will not pin this on the Moderators, After having gone over a multitude of posts in this forum, dating back years and years, it is obvious that they do the very best they can but they have no power and no influence. So I would like to thank the moderators for doing their role, spite getting so much negative feedback about the state of affairs. The owners just do not care.
1. We live in 2020 so the size restriction of what can be uploaded is really outdated. It takes away from the quality of the photo - and a whole bunch of other moderns things that could be implemented.
2. Problems with posting, on a regular basis, have not been addressed. The worst part is that there is nothing in the forum to this regard, from the administrators or the owners. Instead, you hide behind the Moderators, to whom you will not give any power.
3. Treeklans has become an example where novice photographers should go in order to learn what NOT to do, for most of the time (there are still some good pictures here, but it is rare and they hare posted my a few). It is basically a placeholder for low-quality snapshots.
4. The worst part. In the beginning, this was a place for learning. So posting mediocre photos, as well as a low-quality one was ok as other members where here to kindly guide the way and give advice. Trust me, I have done it, and frankly still make a s%&t photo that I think is great. But I listen to the feedback. I don't take it as an excuse to insult someone. I take it as an opportunity to learn. To see things without 'my blindfolds on'.
Today, Treklens is not about learning. It has turned into a school ground. Different 'constellations' of people ganging up on other members. It is bullying. And that my friends is something I will not stand for and I WILL fight it. The attitude today is: You gave me a bad grade, you told me I should try something different. So in return I will be rude and insult you. Put you in your place. Another word for this kind of behavior is 'Troll'.

So to the owners, here is my advice, you either STEP UP or you CLOSE DOWN. I would close it down as server space cost money and I'm afraid to say, Treklens is being tortured to death. It is a shame that you as owners and administrators have let it go in this direction. It is nothing to be proud of. But at least, if you think about the financial aspect, the next action should speak for itself.

Again, I would like to say a big thank you to the moderators who I can see has really tried to keep this place going. I am sorry that you have not had more support. I also like to say thank you to those members who actually take the time to give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.
I also ask the members, is this what you want out of TL? A place where you just post but don't learn. Treklens - LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY THROUGH THE WORLD. How great does that sound! Adams's vision was great. I'm afraid it is up to the members to change it to a place of learning if that is what you want. Otherwise, use Facebook, Instagram, or whatever. My guess is that 99% of you don't know, that Treklens gave birth to one of the greatest photographers that are out there today. His work can be seen all over and he started his journey here. It makes me sad to see what this place has become.
There are members here today, from the old days, who I have still have some contact with. I would like to thank you for your always honest, constructive, and kind feedback. You remind me of what TL used to be.
To those who can not take feedback without providing insult in return, unless the feedback is a 2 point and "great picture dude', although the picture is frankly boring, perhaps, unless TL changes, you have found your place.
To those members who truly want to learn, I can only say, I am sorry but TL is not the place for that anymore.

I am guessing, after this, the Admins and Owners might actually do their work, and close my account down.

Disappointed member ZTO
Re daisydaisy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1483 W: 111 N: 1055] (5943)::2020-07-22 3:18
- "I also ask the members, is this what you want out of TL?" -

-> What I expect from TL is :

Work "out of the box", take risks by going out of your comfort zone, learn, try, understand and comment with kindness.
Of course this applies to myself.

TL is missing a "je-ne-sais-quoi" of eccentricity, more creativity, etc.

TL is missing a Mad Hatter.

« as mad as a hatter »
Meanwhile, we sail on TrekLost in the middle of nowhere.