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Hi Jack,
Thank you for taking the time to read the note. I am not sure if many people do when the note is long. But that is fine. Those who read it may learn something I hope. 20 views and no comment, that is fine too. Some people just want to look at a picture without interacting and some may simply not have liked it. That is fine too. Art is subjective. Beauty, interpretation, and interest lie in the eyes of the beholder. I get far more comments on TL than I do on another site where I publish my photos. The difference between the two sites is that on the other there are a lot of professional photographers and we give feedback after particular criteria etc. Composition, Creativity, Technical quality, and Substance/Subject. There is some really high-quality stuff there so one is always a bit nervous when asking for feedback. We can only do so once a week too. At that site, I tend to ask for specific feedback. What about the color on this one, the composition, how can I do this better.

So I guess it all comes down to if people actually want to learn and become better at what they do, or if they just want to take a picture and upload it. I am by now confident and secure enough with my photography that getting high points does not really matter to me. I know what I like but it does not mean everyone else has to like the same thing. :)

More importantly, is that you can learn a lot from just looking at other people's pictures. That may provide value in itself and if so, 20 views are pretty good. :)
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