To JohnTulip: You may have point John!macgarret1::2007-08-08 8:42
Thanks for your comments John; Iím glad you like the picture and I'm glad you liked the story about my infamous big brother, who is also named John; you may be interested to know. I told him it would take a lot of hot air to keep him aloft for long, but naturally I congratulated him all the same.

Anyway, about the ďmistĒ: On closer inspection of the original, un-processed and un-reduced picture and also a similar exposure that I made immediately after this one, it may be that a small blob of rain may have contacted the lens. This may have contributed to the misty image, but only slightly I think. The mist, or low cloud, is actually the fierce rain squall approaching us very quickly. Anyway I can see itís not easy to hide such things from you John.

My friend and polymath, Paul McAndrew, informs me that they didnít actually use these cliffs in Ryans Daughter. Although the Producers originally intended to do so, they said he waves smashing against them (even though they were mostly the size of a two story house at the time of shooting) didnít look big enough on camera. Apparently they moved to South Africa and shot scenes at some cliffs out there instead.
Title: Gathering StormFujiFilm FinePix S7000
Gathering Storm (50) *
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To JohnTulip: You may have point John! macgarret1 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 129 W: 0 N: 273] (1359)::2007-08-08 08:42