Name: Joao Martins
Country: Portugal
Intro: I have this account since 2004, when I had a Pentax OPTIO something something. I had some low-res photos here that I deleted today - I'm sorry if you ever left a comment in one of them - but they can still be found and my Flickr Gallery.
I finally bought a reflex and I know now much more then I new back in 2004 when I uploaded my first photos. Let's see if I can get a bit more nover feedback this time around. Flickr has many great things but it can be a silent place if you don't do great efforts to become noticed...
I have good memories of this community: constructive feedback is what I miss the most, I hope that hasn't changed in the years I spent away. It's the main reason I'm picking up this account again.
So don't be afraid to point out something I could have done better (I REALLY hope you do!).
I'm eager to learn.
Member Since: 2004-12-02
Camera: Konica Minolta Dynax 5D
Note: Silver Star Critiquer Silver Star Critiquer [C: 39 W: 0 N: 7] (168)
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