Name: Jaime Santos
Country: United Arab Emirates
Intro: When I first became interested in photography, I thought it was the whole cheese. My idea was to have my photos recognized as one of the finer expression of art. But now, i don't give much importance to that. The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each man to himself. Or as the saying each his own.

My favorite quote of all:
"Every time someone tells me how sharp and nice my photos are, I assume that it isn't a very interesting photograph. If it were, they would have more to say." unkown author
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Camera: Nikon D80 Digital SLR, Nikon D90
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United Arab Emirates
Title: Mint leavesNikon D90
Mint leaves (4)
trooper Silver Star Critiquer [C: 14 W: 0 N: 6] (161)
Title: Pagudpud SunsetNikon D90
Pagudpud Sunset
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United Arab Emirates
Title: to love and to hold..Nikon D80 Digital SLR
to love and to hold.. (16)
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