Name: T H Lancaster
Country: United States
Intro: I am Tim. I am 43. I live in upstate South Carolina. I hike and travel to the coast and to the mountains of North and South Carolina. I consider my photos to be very amature but I am working on getting better. I am adding equipment and doing a lot of reading on the subject. I hope in the future to have photos posted here that some will find worth looking at. Take care.
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Camera: Nikon D3000 VR
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United States
Title: Palmetto frondNikon D3000 VR
Palmetto frond (2)
tim1996 (174)
United States
Title: Country FenceNikon D3000 VR
Country Fence (1)
tim1996 (174)
United States
Title: Beautiful mapleNikon D3000 VR
Beautiful maple (2)
tim1996 (174)
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