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Name: Rock Pomerleau
Country: Canada
Intro: I am interested in photography for a long time but in a more serious way for four years.

I began with the camera of my friend, Olympus D575. I followed a more technical lesson on the photography and as most of the beginners I understood that I had to stop to center everything (lively the rule of thirds).

My friend also had an old reflex Pentax Program Plus I used during one year to understand and perfect the techniques of centering, the depth of field and speed shuttle. Being an argentic device, the result was not immediate and difficult for me to improve me quickly.

I thus bought my Pentax K10D and I continued to use the accessories of the Pentax Program Plus, among others an SMC A Pentax-A 1:1.7 50mm.

I prefer landscapes or architectures but I want to investigate also more often the portrait or the macro.

(English being not my first language, correction to that text is accepted, ;-).
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Camera: Pentax K10D
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