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Name: George Stergiopoulos
Country: Greece
Intro: George Stergiopoulos Photography

Welcome, my name’s George Stergiopoulos, i live in Greece and this is my nature TREKLENS profile showcasing the images that i shoot like nature, city, macro, close-up, and more
I love walking in the forest and taking shots or spent hours outdoors and photoshooting, wherever i go photoshoot everything, flowers, trees, landscapes, buildings etc TREKLENS profile you will find a lot of exciting photos, and some vfx projects with lights.

Which is my specialization? nature photoshooting, but in the meantime i play hard with all the areas of photography like macro photography, city & urban photography, landscape photography, etc

In this TREKLENS profile you will view nature photography with vivid colors and you will enjoy your visit for sure !

Thank you for visiting.

George Stergiopoulos



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Member Since: 2016-09-22
Camera: Nikon D3200
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