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Name: Philip Walters
Country: Brazil
Intro: Hi. For many years now I have been fascinated by artistic photography, the ability of a picture to convey so much more than just the image. I spent many hours wondering why my PHD (press here dummy) would not take pictures like I saw in magazines etc. I purchased a Nikon F65, sold as the N65 in the States, my first camera with a manual setting. The first shots I took with my new camera were worse than with my old PHD. In my attempts to improve my photography, I stumbled across Trek Lens and searched for pics taken with my camera. The results showed the camera was perfectly good, the problem was the person using the camera, me. I'm continually learning here in T.L. and thank everybody who post pictures and take the time to write comments on other people's pictures. Its a learning curve that is giving me endless pleasure.

Update March 2006. We have now joined the digital age with a Nikon D50. Reluctant converts, but after losing 2 rolls of film, damaged when being developed thought it was time to move on.

Update March 2009. We have moved to Brazil, living in my Wife's home City of Jundiai.

I've chosen for the "Do Not Display Points" option in my profile. This means that I can't see points and neither do I give points. Please comment or critique my photo's without awarding points. Your comments are of value points are not.
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