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Name: Brett Robinson
Country: New Zealand
Intro: About me Ö
Well, Iíve spent most of my working life in either the Travel or Information Technology industries.
Having been in the travel industry, I have had the opportunity to travel to quite a few destinations.
Photography has always been a bit of a hobby, but I mostly take photos for my own enjoyment.
My other interests are aviation, flying radio controlled model aircraft, computer flight simulation.
Had a friend tell me about TrekLens quite some time ago, but never had the time to explore it further then.
I saw him again the other day and he had a look at some photos I had on my PDA and suggested that I join.
So here I am!
Thanks to everyone that will (I hope) offer critiques and advice.
It will be appreciated.
Member Since: 2010-04-27
Camera: NIKON COOLPIX S520, Nikon D-70s, Nikon Speedlight SB-26, Olympus OM 10
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Kani Over-Water Bungalows
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Fijian Resort Waterfront View (4)
nikond70ser (44)
Title: Another Fiji SunsetNikon D-70s
Another Fiji Sunset (6)
nikond70ser (44)
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