Name: Michael Weber
Country: United States
Intro: Well, it's been a great time for the last year and a half+(1/23/05 - 10/06), however TL is just not the same experience to me as it once was. This is indeed a part of existence, as nothing lasts forever. My time for critiques has become more difficult these days, which in turn makes participation in TL almost non-existent without this involvement. I appreciate and respect Adams work with all the Trek sites. Thank you for all those who have become friends from this site. I will keep my account up for I will still visit TL every now and then. Thank you TL and the TL community for this great time of photography in my life.

Infinite Vibes to all of the TL community,
Michael Weber

ps-however, I will leave open the possibility of becoming a participant again in the land of TL.

end scene.


Hello, fellow earth experiencer.....

Just recently married to the absolute Love of my Life, Melissa. We were married on September 23rd, 2006. The wedding/reception was the most fun I think I've ever had in an evening. Surrounded by family and great supportive friends can make for a memorable truly fantastic evening. I thank the universe and our movement through this life to lead us to that magical evening.
Went to Sedona, Arizona(Completely Beautiful and full of great energy) for our honeymoon. Truly a wonderful experience. Also, spent a few days at the Grand Canyon. I preferred Sedona's magical red rocks and landscapes to the Grand Canyon, but, the Canyon was indeed Grand!
Ummm....took over 1500 photos while on our honeymoon. Thank goodness for a laptop and extra Compact Flash Cards :O)
So it might be awhile before uploading some new picts....will be looking through photos for sometime to pick out those worthy for the great community here at TL.

...and still....
Working on a balance between imagery and sound as of this writing. New Camera, new music gear and more time needed throughout the day.

Throughout the years I have dabbled in and out of photography. My background is more of traditional art, graphic design and Content Creation. Currently working as a Media Production Specialist for a Community College.
Digital photography is enhancing my visions and moving the energy within myself for great discoveries of being.
I never thought I would be so addicted. I love looking through the world and finding that creative shot. I love natural photos and post-processed photos and any art from the infinite mindstream. I am having a blast with my digital camera and TL. Hope you're having fun in your world!

In my post's, I take a slightly different approach to my information about a particular photo with my notes. Sometimes my notes are fresh morning thoughts before the ego/persona is to present. Sometimes they are straight forward and somtimes they are just about the daily routine or a mixture. It all depends on the day.
The notes come with the photo and are rarely predetermined before my uploads. Only on the upload does the note really come into existence. I am trying more to include the why of the picture and more technical aspects, but the notes will be what they become. That bond with the photo! Just wanted to give a little heads up about my photography and it's existence.

Any kind of comments and critiques to enhance my abilities in photography are much appreciated.
Honesty....explained to the best of abilities is the best critique.

Thanks for visiting the gallery.
I give my full respect and appreciation to everyone for their comments/critiques on my photography and many thanks for your time spent with my work. Thank you kindly!

Good Vibes to All,

"I am surrendering to the gravity and the unknown
Catch me heal me lift me back up to the sun
I choose to live, I choose to live."
lyric from- A Perfect Circle - "Gravity"

If interested in chatting on msn, contact me from above and we will exchange info.
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