Name: Mumtaz Khan
Country: Afghanistan
Intro: I was born in Ghazni Province, Jaghuri District on 1369 (1991). Due to the civil war, mounting pressure of Taliban and the subsequent chaos, I left the country along with my family toward Pakistan. I completed the primary education at Noor School, obtaining several years later the secondary graduation certificate from Gawharshad High School in 1388. I discovered my fondness to painting during stormy years of being a curious teenager. Thus I started learning this branch of art under training of Mr. Hassan Ali Hatif as I used to be his student from 1384 to 1387. Meanwhile I have participated in a number of national group exhibitions through my relics. Hoping to take significant steps on the direction of art, I participated in the university entrance exam (Kankur) and luckily got the sufficient grade to enter the Kabul University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Moreover I have been photographing since 2011 while carrying on painting at KU
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