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Name: Artur Majsterek
Country: Poland
Intro: My name is Artur and I am a polish young photographer. I am an amatuer in the extreme if that is the most appropriate wording that could be used here.

I live in England during the school year, and I dont get many chances to take photos there. The only time I get something that is worthwile is during my holidays in Poland, for I think that it is a very beautiful place.

I lack photographic knowledge and my experience is not too great either, for I only have been takeing pictures for about 3 years with 100% amatuer cameras.

I hope you enjoy my pictures, for most of them are just pure luck ;-)

Link to my TrekEarth account, which I think is worth looking at
Link to my TrekNature account, which should not be ignored if you like birds or cat ;-)
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