Name: Livio Soares de Medeiros
Country: Brazil
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Photography made me more attentive to my sight. With photography, I learned how to pay attention both in details and vast landscapes; I found out my bedroom, my house, my town. So much variety there may be in some square inches.

Photography has made possible to me to be in touch with beliefs I’ve been nurturing for a long time. Thoughts like the one that beauty is right here by my side; thoughts like the one that the biggest triviality can be seen in a rich approach.

Before dealing with photography, my vision was almost exclusively turned to my inner self. After being involved with photography, I turned my vision to external events. My inner self was delighted. Through photography, I started having broader perspectives. I realized, for instance, even though lately, that almost there aren’t clouds here in August. When they come out, they’re usually uncombed.

What fascinates so much about photography is not its capacity to make something still, although it also fascinates me, but the power it has to make things silent. Carlos Drummond de Andrade, a Brazilian poet, referring to poetry, mentioned its “silence power”. I borrow the poet’s words and use them to refer to photography. It has silence power, it talks through silence. Still, silent image. Elocution.

Each instant must be treasured. It’s necessary to know how to look. A matter of… point of view. Every instant deserves a photo.

The photographer has to content himself with little slices, with little immensities: we have limitations. The ideal photograph is the one to be concocted right now. Let’s take pictures.
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