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Name: Zita Kalman
Country: Hungary
Intro: I am a complete amateur photographer who clicks the button based on pure intuition and impressions. I do not know how to take or process a photo professionally, so what you can see from me here is coming from my instincts. Every critique and comment from skilful TL users and pros are welcome. :)
My favourite city is London, so that's why my pics here are almost at all times from there. :) But don't give up! I'll try to share my photos from elsewhere too. :)
Member Since: 2007-03-01
Camera: Finepix S5500, Olympus FE 130
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United Kingdom
Title: Hyde Park sunset
Hyde Park sunset (4)
kalmanzita (22)
United Kingdom
Title: A Monday afternoon
A Monday afternoon (10)
kalmanzita (22)
Title: The Matrix has you
The Matrix has you
kalmanzita (22)
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