Name: haya alsharef
Country: Saudi Arabia
Intro: Who is Haya? A Saudi girl who lives in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia..

Specialized in psychology & I big fan for photography which I consider as a big window for the world & to the world.

One shot could change your thoughts about some place or someone.

Only one shot !

The camera is my friend, I take it wherever I go, and wait for the special moments..

Iím only an amateur beginner, I look forward to get more knowledge.

I love writing & poetry in Arabic because it my language, I also have 2 books but not published, one in poetry & the other one in prose.

I travel to the whole world by pictures, I love seeing other people work whatever was the country.

I thank everyone who encourage me by comments or critiques, and I apologize in advanced for replying critiques with critiques. Because am not so well in English.

I speak only Arabic, but I read English & I understands it, but still have the problem of expressing myself correctly in English.

My thanks & best regards for all..

Haya Al-Shareef

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

[email protected]

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