Name: francesco De Florio
Country: Switzerland
Intro: Hello everyone, I found this site by accident.
It's great to be able to travel virtually.
I especially love to photograph landscapes and wildlife (although I do not know much about photography)
Critics are welcome.
Member Since: 2008-02-15
Camera: Canon Powershot A520, Minolta Dynax 5xi, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18
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Random photos
Title: Jeeg Robot
Jeeg Robot
deffra Silver Star Critiquer [C: 16 W: 0 N: 7] (201)
Title: I'm coming soon!
I'm coming soon!
deffra Silver Star Critiquer [C: 16 W: 0 N: 7] (201)
Title: Crépuscule
deffra Silver Star Critiquer [C: 16 W: 0 N: 7] (201)
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