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Name: Andres Edgar Soriano
Country: Philippines
Intro: i am andres edgardo g. soriano, presently employed as electro-mechanical engr. of a leading distributor of Heidelberg printing machines in the middle east. i am in the service team,assigned to give customer supports in UAE and Gulf region. actually im an electronics and comm. engr. graduate which incorporate also my job. since i was a child i was very much interested in high technology gadgets and fun toys, i spend time in discovering how really things work.until i was hooked in the amazing things that a digital camera can do, gone are the days of film rolls and dark rooms, to the convenience of processing your photos with your PC. although i am still new in photography, the way you express yourself freely with a digital camera and a PC is a never ending beauty.And for me now taking photos is not just a hobby, but a passion.afterall i know we have only one goal, to show everybody the beauty of the world and the amazing things that God gave us. So fellow trekkers just keep on shooting and enjoy. Just don't forget to give comments on my photos,good or bad, i will appreciatte it. God BLess

Andres Edgar Soriano

updates to be added if something new comes up.
DEc. 27,2006
as a novice in photography,i'm really having fun guys, but the best thing i develop at this point of time was: photography teaches you to appreciate all the things around you, living or non-living things ,to the smallest point of view that the human eye can not see, everything has its own beauty, it's all up to you how you focus your camera.keep on shooting and discovering the beauty of all the things that GOD gave us. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all.

i want to thank everybody who made critiques in my photos, i am learning a lot from you guys.
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