Name: John carav
Country: France
Intro: Hello, I am happy to join the community “treklens”. This Internet site is really brilliant.
I am student into multi-media with Paris and work also in Rouen as a webmaster.
Photography is one of my passions and I am glad to be able to divide with you my best photographs.
Member Since: 2006-08-23
Camera: Nikon D70, Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P51, appareil jetable
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Title: sun or moon ?Nikon D70
sun or moon ? (8)
chybre (64)
Title: la méditation du singeNikon D70
la méditation du singe (4) RP
chybre (64)
Title: Love of the mosquitosNikon D70
Love of the mosquitos (2)
chybre (64)
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