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Name: Christopher Strickland
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hello fellow trekkers of this planet we call home! When I first stumbled upon TrekLens back in the summer of 2005,I was looking for images of Essex (the area where I live) in England. Since that time, I continued to aspire to be better at taking pictures with my little Canon SureShot78 compact 35mm Camera, I even had some of the film scanned to CD so I could send them to friends and family via e-mail. When I went digital in 2006 I finally decided to do something other than just look at the images on TrekEarth, TrekLens and TrekNature. I just want to say what an incredible learning experience it has been for me here on TrekLens, as well as the other Trek sites. I have learned so much in such a short time just by reading critiques and looking at other photographers' work. I also have learned a lot from looking at workshops, and getting feedback from all of you, my fellow travellers and photographers. I hope I will continue to learn and grow, not just in photos but also in knowledge of the rest of my home planet.If you want to see my full intro go to my TrekEarth site. Peace and great light to you all. -Christor

MAY 2007- Hello Trekkers,sorry have been away for so long. I have been building up my gallery on PBase and other sites, and of course taking better photos. I have lots more new material and am ready to start posting again.Thanks for stopping by!!! If you would like to see more of my photography,please go to the following URL address for my galleries:
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Camera: Sony CyberShot DSC-H1, Canon SureShot 76 Zoom
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United Kingdom
Title: Gorgeous
Gorgeous (9)
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United Kingdom
Title: Morning shadows
Morning shadows
christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218)
United Kingdom
Title: Bachelors' Walk
Bachelors' Walk (4)
christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218)
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