Name: Austin Dean
Country: Australia
Intro: Greetings fellow photographers and thanks for checking me out. I'm a budding travel photgrapher residing in Perth Western Australia.

I have noted that when travelling, one has to make the best of the moment as we often don't have the luxury of waiting for optimal timing/lighting etc. None the less, I am becoming increasingly fascinated by abstracts and plan to develop some expertise in that field.

I'm inspired by Nick Melidonis ( and am being educated by Scott Kelby (

I chanced upon the Trekearth website recently while seaching for photos of Delhi where we are planning to visit later this year.

In the meantime I am enjoying photos from all around the world that others have taken and am looking forward to visiting some of those places in the years ahead.

Most of my photos will be seen at trekearth but I propose to use this site to showcase images with a higher level of post processing.

I also post to redbubble and have a simple website here

I appreciate your comments and feedback but won't won't offer any feedback for images posted to this site that have no notes.
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Title: Coastal SunsetOlympus C740 UZ
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Title: Grass TreeOlympus E 520
Grass Tree
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Title: Reflections on SubiacoOlympus E 520
Reflections on Subiaco
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