Name: Marin Zdelar
Country: Croatia
Intro: My name is Marin Zdelar, and I use nickname ''Yogi'' (I'm big fan of Indian culture and spirituality)

I'm just 16 years old and, obviously, total amateur in photography. I don't even have my own camera :)) I use my friends until I don't get one ;)

I come from, little but beautiful, country near Italy - Croatia.

I registered on TrekLens on recommendation of Zoran Zmiric, here known by the nick ''Gand''

Hope you'll take a look at my photos and give me some advice/s, critiques or comments!

EDIT (17//05//2006):
I just deleted 6 photos I wasn't satisfied with.
'Till that moment I had 381 points, now I have 243.

EDIT (28//08//2007)
With 251 points in my pocket :)) today I'm starting again with uploading of my photos.

As you can now notice I don't post constantly - when I have will I post, when I don't have will - I don't. It's simple :))

P.S. Before month or so I had birthday and now I'm 17 years old ;)
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