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Name: Scott Muenger
Country: United States
Intro: Sharing a few pictures from my travels around the world on Trekearth is fun, but the conditions are relatively stringent and so I was happy to find this little place, where I shall be sharing a few more snapshots with you TrekFolks...

So much can be done with the macro function, red-eye, anti-wobble, various filters and sepiatone et cetera. In a span of just a few years, since their inception, I feel that digital cameras have made photographic virtuosos out of so many of us. Well... one day I hope to count myself as at least something approaching that!

And if you want to see more of my work...

HERE are my TrekEarth photos...

And HERE are my TrekNature photos...
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Title: Ballynevin Cow Congress
Ballynevin Cow Congress (2)
Swissguy Silver Note Writer [C: 0 W: 0 N: 23] (97)
Title: Stunning Rose
Stunning Rose
Swissguy Silver Note Writer [C: 0 W: 0 N: 23] (97)
United States
Title: Can You Canoe Me Up The River?Casio EXILIM EX-Z57
Can You Canoe Me Up The River? RP
Swissguy Silver Note Writer [C: 0 W: 0 N: 23] (97)
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