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Name: Hussein Kefel
Country: Lebanon
Intro: Peace to all of you, (Arabic = Asalaamu Aleiykom)

I was born in Kenema Town, Sierra Leone West Africa.

Photography is my hobby since my childhood, I followed my father's footsteps as he also liked cameras. I remember when i got my first Kodak camera as a gift from my elder brother, a 110 film type that can capture only 24 images in total and had only one button on it, no adjustments and no extra features. My camera was my joy to an extent that before leaving my home to school i have to glimpse or touch it, and same way back after returning home. I started taking pictures of the sunset where it is one of my favourite natural scenery.

Now in today's world, thanks to modern technologies that have made photography so unique and much easier.

I love pictures of nature mainly green landscapes, blue sky, white clouds, flowers, mountains, rivers, sea, vehicles and i also like macros and abstracts.

I hope that you will like some of my pictures that i have posted. I appreciate and welcome all your comments or critiques. And i thank you all for sharing your photos too.

Wishing you all the best and good luck!

Hussein Kefel

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