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Name: George Jurincie
Country: United States
Intro: Hello All,
I decided that I would register finally on this trek lens. I had finally come to the realization that no matter how good you think your photography is, it could always be better, or different in the eyes of another. Now I don't want to say that my photography is perfect, I hesitate to say that I am even on par with any of the members of trek lens, but I hope that I will be able to improve my skill with the critiques and criticism of others. I would like to admit my guilt to photographing things with my iPhone camera, but I believe that the best camera you have is the camera that you have when you see something neat or amazing.

Member Since: 2013-06-16
Camera: Apple iPhone, Canon EOS Rebel T3
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United States
Title: WorkCanon EOS Rebel T3
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Title: Alley in Old Town MazatlanCanon EOS Rebel T3
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United States
Title: Valley in Financial District of ChicagoCanon EOS Rebel T3
Valley in Financial District of Chicago (2)
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