Name: Cho Sett
Country: United States
Intro: I am originally from the beautiful land of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma in Southeast Asia. I left my homeland in 1978, and lived/worked in several countries before settling down in Florida, USA in 2011. Although I have been living abroad for so many years, I still consider Myanmar as my real home, and have been back there regularly to visit old friends and relatives. I believe I can classify myself as a citizen of the world. While not competing for most traveled person, I consider myself fortunate to have traveled to 38 different countries so far. Will be quite happy if or when I get number 50 before I pass on. As to my photos on here, I will try to post the allowed number of one a day. Being just an amateur photographer, some of my pictures may not be up to the standard that one would expect on this site, so I apologize in advance. Happy travels and photo taking adventures!
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United States
Title: Greek Church
Greek Church
Cho (99)
Title: On The Promenade
On The Promenade
Cho (99)
United States
Title: Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up (2)
Cho (99)
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