Name: Mike Carrion
Country: Philippines
Intro: "I have heard the language of apocalypse,
and now I shall embrace the silence.
Sleep until life wakes you.
Dream, and let yourself soar to the edge of the cosmos."

A little help from two brilliant writers & visionaries.
--Neil Gaiman and Morihei Ushiba.

Looking at different pictures, captured by different people, allowed me to be part of their dream(or should I say a state of mind), a dream tangible enough to be shared.
For me, the camera has always been a portal in which we sometimes can communicate clearly, things that are just too hard to describe. We all have our own culture, belong to different nations, and surprisingly through the eyes of the camera, we speak the same language.
More power to all.
Member Since: 2006-11-28
Camera: Nikon D200., Nikon FM 2
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