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List NameGroup CreatorDate Created# Members# SubscribersDescription
Favorites Membersbtokaz2005-12-14221
Favourites memberwck2005-12-13461have a good contact with you'll ;D Cheers!
Shorelinessugah_bear692005-11-0210Different views of shorelines
Favorite Photographersraybaz2005-10-2610
Follow-Upshimajyothi2005-10-16412Regular Critiques in count other than the new ones :D
Amis PhotographesPhotofolio2005-09-3020
Street PhotographyGabesterTL2005-07-2172Street photography generally refers to photographs made in public places not only streets, but parks, beaches, malls, political conventions and myriad other settings often but not always featuring people going about their everyday lives.

Feel free to add yourself to that list if your portfolio consist majorily of street photography.
Animalsooo2005-05-1510This is a general list, you can put all animals pictures excepted pet.
Other Web-sitesckuhn552005-05-1420
OURO PRETOleonardolima2005-04-2310
Portrait PhotographersGabesterTL2004-10-132010Photographers whose portfolios consist majorily of portraits.

Feel free to add yourself to that list if you shoot mainly portraits.