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sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-13 18:49]

Very nice view, but too much of the forground distract us away from the Vineyard. I guess you took this picture in an overcasted day, the sky looks grey-ish .

sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-13 18:46]

This picture was the photo of the week in, wasn't it ? Anyway, the color tone and the composition is nice, in which make viewers feel "autumn" in the picture. I feel a little "sadness" when looking this moody picture. Thankx for sharing it .

sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-13 18:42]

Nice capture but it's a little bit out of focus. Maybe the glass tank fool the focus of your camera.

sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-13 18:37]

Beautiful city-scape. I love the composition. Unfortunately, the moon is too "light" to catch viewer attention .

sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-13 15:54]

Very nice framing and good DOF. Everything is clear and the water color is fantastic. Wish the "frame" was smaller so the boat would be bigger .

sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-02 20:21]

Nice kitten but a little lack of contrast and overexposed. It would be better if the kitten fills the frame bigger. I would zoom in more for better composition. I think your camera was using Evaluating metering when this picture was captured; therefore, the kitten get overexposed a bit . But the cat eyes are perfect. Thank you for sharing .

sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-02 20:17]

Great Point of view and composition. I don't know if this photo is made to look like old picture or you useed wrong film for it. Look like a wrong White Balanced setting for me. If I were you, I would remove some of the yellow color overcast and replace it wiht some gray + blue to make it look like "old photo" .

sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-02 20:12] [+]

I personally don't like this motion. It is not easy on viewer eyes and it doesn't portrait the "busy motion" of your daddy. If I were you, I would mount the camera on tripod and capture this picture at very slow shuttle speed (may need to use smallest aperture and Neutral Density filter). That way, every non-moving thing in the picture will be sharp and only your daddy and his belongings are going to be blur = tell viewers how busy he is . Anyway, it's just my personal view and no offense to the first critique. Have fun .

sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-02 20:05]

He look likes a lazy dog. His eyes like staring at the photographer .

sonthan00 (46) [2005-09-02 20:04]

The image is stunning, but unfortunately like you said it is little blur. It's also a little too dark for me too. I wish to see the lightning a little brighter and sharper. Otherwise, nice capture. Thankx for sharing .