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kimkara (66) [2012-11-24 13:23]

Love it ! two old timers in one place.

kimkara (66) [2009-02-09 21:13]

beautify picture, love the peacefulness.
imange could have benifitted from a bit of straightening but well done .TFS

kimkara (66) [2009-02-09 21:07]

I realy love this photo, the contrast between the white snow and red berries realy grabs your attention. TFS

kimkara (66) [2009-02-08 20:27]

nice shot with some nice colors.
a few suggestions though
you could have placed the horizon in the bottom third instead of slap bang in the middle.
you used a slow shutter speed which is obviouse by the wave trail left in the lower right region. you could have streached this a bit longer to give a complete trail along the entire coast line.
nice anyways.

kimkara (66) [2009-02-08 20:21]

nice spotting, a realy beautiful shot, lovely coloration

kimkara (66) [2009-02-05 10:35] [+]

just for the sheer oddity i'm going to give you some points for this. great job

kimkara (66) [2008-06-16 1:07]

realy love the composition along with the beautiful tones. nice job.

kimkara (66) [2008-04-01 3:15]

Good shot of a morbid moment. maybe including the wreath would have brought in some contrasting color to the muddy monotone

kimkara (66) [2008-04-01 3:11]

Stunning photo, the rich colors of this beautiful flower are complimented with the black background. nice

kimkara (66) [2008-03-28 0:37]

good spotting. photo could have done with a little post processing( dust removal, noise removal and sharpening)
try place your subject off center, if its slap bang in the middel one tends to loose interest in the photo quite quickly. have a read up on the rule of thirds, although its not set in stone it does add someting to our photos.