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jbiphoto (39) [2005-09-03 3:16]

I love this shot. My son would kill me, but I tried a few times when he was younger to catch the steaking spirit he rarely showed. This child is naked and proud!! Jennifer

jbiphoto (39) [2005-09-03 3:06]

She is beautiful. So cozy and snuggable. The hairs are well captured. This ia photo I long to take. Jennifer

jbiphoto (39) [2005-09-03 3:02]

I like this photo but I have to say, I like the sepia version as well.
She is such a porkchop. Congratulations! I am also a mom of a (now 8 months) baby. I steal moments here and there for the computer and sleep. Good luck. Jennifer

jbiphoto (39) [2005-09-03 2:57]

I enjoy this photo, it is warm and I like the light. I looked at the workshop and still like the original the best. It conveys a positive outlook and I think the altered photos don't. Good job. Jennifer

jbiphoto (39) [2005-09-03 2:39]

I love this shot!! I am a delivery nurse in the states (will someday visit NZ!) and This is so beautifully captured. The injustice of our cold world..."what are you doing to me?" I wish I could bring my camera to work and catch those first moments. I was really too busy when mine were delivered (being the mom!)
WOW! Congratulations on being a dad. My babies are five years old and eight months old. They are the end all and be all! Good luck. Jennifer

jbiphoto (39) [2005-09-03 2:31]

After watching the Tour de France this year this is an especially interesting shot. You really have a sense of speed and i feel exhilerated just viewing! Jennifer

jbiphoto (39) [2005-09-03 2:18]

This a photo that is beautiful with black and white even if the tulips cry out for color. Very nice. jennifer

jbiphoto (39) [2005-09-03 2:15]

What a wonderful photo. I find taking pictures like this difficult. I think you have captured the strength and gentleness of these beautiful hands. Most of us take pics of faces, but hands tell so much of the story as well. Very brave! Jennifer