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emilyc (61) [2011-07-20 20:21] [+]

You really have a talent in photographing people!

I think this one will be perfect if the outline of his face is included, but I understand it's very difficult to do technically, so thumbs up to you!

emilyc (61) [2010-12-06 19:39]

Beautiful light. Unfortunately I feel the tree at the left is over powering the mosque as the subject. Perhaps moving forwards to exclude the tree will be a better solution?

emilyc (61) [2010-12-06 19:27]

An amazing photo, the composition is spot on! I would try to desaturate the green coloured hills in the foreground a little to make it more in harmony with the dominant blue of the photo :-)

emilyc (61) [2010-12-06 19:22]

Ha-ha, this is such an adorable and funny picture. Well done!

emilyc (61) [2010-12-06 18:54]

Too bad the subject is a little blurry, otherwise it's a perfect shot. Love the bokeh of lights at the back!

emilyc (61) [2010-12-06 18:50]

Great subject, but I feel the sunlight is too harsh here.

emilyc (61) [2010-12-06 18:44]

Three different birds in one shot, very nice! I love the colours and the sharp capture as well, nicely done! :-)

emilyc (61) [2010-11-29 20:02]

Sorry Teresa, I don't think this is a strong photograph. Your note emphasize on the road, yet in your picture the empty and bland sky is competing for attention as well. It would've helped if the sea is more prominent too, because those were the focus of your feelings when I read your note.

emilyc (61) [2010-11-13 4:46] [+]

Very nice! I almost cannot believe you took this with Panasonic FZ18 (I have an FZ5 myself heehee). At first glance I thought you took this with film, lomo even.

emilyc (61) [2010-11-13 4:37]

What a charming neighbourhood! Congrats on capturing a very inviting photo. I like your description as well :-)