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defernex (82) [2008-10-01 18:24]

Hi Daniel,

your night pictures are great! I really like this one. It's quite interesting how beautiful the colors come out. The smoothness of the reflection is very impressive.


defernex (82) [2008-08-23 12:14] [+]

Hi Terry,

what a beautiful picture! It could be a watercolor, with a small palette of colors. I particularly like the high angle, which gives a sense of universality to the subject, splitting the frame in three parts: the lower, descriptive scene with the beautiful whites contrasted with the dark leaves, the top part in the hint of the city and the delicate sky, and in the middle the open ocean. All this united, in a way, by the slight fading of the tones towards the left of the picture. Congratulations!


defernex (82) [2008-07-13 15:23] [+]

Hello Michel,

Congratulations for this amazing shot! It gives a sense of mystery, and I like the light, which seems to come from behind (or below?). It makes me curios to see what's on the other side of the castle...


defernex (82) [2008-07-13 13:09]

Hello Edward,

What a nice picture. Great balance in the composition and light, full of depth, with almost a sense of mystery embedded into it. An excellent setting for this capture of the bird in flight. Well done!


defernex (82) [2008-07-13 12:45] [+]

Hello Laurent,

A beautiful portrait, soft and full of atmosphere. A nice print. A perfect balance in the cut and composition. Thanks for sharing!