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danielswalsh (94) [2008-07-20 18:20]

Hi Roly;

So I guess we found where you've been hanging out these days eh? Haha...
I just finished sending you an e-mail and found my way to some of your shots here in TL. I'll be up in the Rockies for a few days, and I'm contemplating picking up some bear spray and bear bangers while out and about looking for that 'perfect' shot. Your thoughts?

Needless to say, I'll do my best to avoid the scene above- opting more for shooting from the car with my zoom!
You really captured the moment- I wonder if anyone got the shot from the front with the look of terror on her face? Haha...

- Dan

danielswalsh (94) [2006-03-30 21:25] [+]

Hi Shelly;

Nice series from the Tall Ships last year, seems the whole town was buzzing over it. I know my cousin was, she was selling her photos down at the quay.
Are you from Port Alberni? You'r the only other person I know on TrekLens, TrekEarth or TrekNature. Mojority of my stuff is on TrekEarth.

- Dan