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christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2012-10-16 15:11]

This is a good image of an interesting animal. You do not need all of the greenery around him in the background, though. A crop off the right and left sides to let us see more of him closer would be good, and still we could see some of the greenery behind him to add context to the photo.

Title: 3 Apple
3 Apple (÷)
drmsaeedi Silver Star Critiquer [C: 28 W: 1 N: 8] (131)


christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2012-10-16 14:43] [+]

Hello! This is an interesting image, and I think you can do better if you make some different choices with background and how you arrange the apples. The rug is very colorful but is also very distracting. A simple background or plainer colurs are preferable so they do not take away from the colors of the fruit. The apples are not very well focused, and there seems to be a lot of digital noise in the image. This can be corrected in photoshop. Something to try is to put one of the apples in front of the other two and focus in closely upon the three of them together to show the shiny skin and nice texture of the fruit. If you also get rid of any extra background it will simplify the image and improve it. I hope these points may help you in future.I have been away from Treklens for a while....gaining skills and perfecting my own work in photography and hope that you accept my critique as an attempt to help you get better at this art.

christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2008-02-06 4:16] [+]

Really shot, Les. Well done. In a perfect world, that annoying girl looking the other way would be absent,the reflected light off their faces and robes would be a tad less and the shadows of the teachers on the ground would be slightly deeper(darker)...but a great shot with a zoom lens...and good color effects. Simple and clean. Simply great.

christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2008-02-06 4:09] [+]

First I will tell you that still lifes are not as easy as folks think to photograph. How can one make objects interesting? By adding feeling. To help add feeling or a "mood" add side lighting, flowers, color, or something in the background (even if blurred) that tells us more about where you were and who you were with. Personalise the photo. Shadow and light are important. The reflection of the outside on the teapot is a nice touch, but this photo is missing something...and I am sorry but I cannot say what. Perhaps the lighting needs to be more even here, and a background visible to add depth. Good try though.

christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2008-02-06 4:04] [+]

Nice shot, but clipping the ear is a matter of preference so never mind that. I look at this as a candid portrait of a cat. In portraits, a little clip off the top is not a catastrophe, in fact it can look quite good at times. In this shot, try editing it by rotating the frame so the edge of the doorway is vertical and straight, then crop away the unneccessary dead space and make the image perfect. The subject, sharpness, detail and lighting here are EXCELLENT. No need to improve the photography, just a little editing will help the image. Hey, we cannot all do perfect shots in the field, that is why God invented PhotoShop!!! Well done, Leslie.

christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2008-02-06 3:58] [+]

Good color, good perspectice, framing needs to be expanded upwards to not cut off the wingtips...sides (and possibly bottom) need slight cropping to keep the focal point clear and help fill the frame.

christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2008-02-06 3:56] [+]

Excellent, very nice contrast and colours. The sharpness is not great, but the edges and lines are well defined and crisp enough and it is nice to see the perspective here. If you want to get crystal clear macro shots, a small tripod is a must. A light, compact one that extends up to 3 or more feet tall is what you want to do shots like this and ones of nature and animals. Anything else like landscpaes will take a taller one (5 feet or more)Much improve over the Canon SureShot. Good stuff. Full p[oints on this one.

christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2008-02-06 3:48] [+]

Hello again, les. This is a pretty good composition, and I like the colours. Starrs Mill is such a pretty place. I think you could improve this photo by cropping a bit off the left side. Try to make it so the mill is a focal point, but the chain and post fence in the foreground goes out of the frame at the corner, but crop out the top of that last post. It is distracting. Also, the whole pic overall needs some sharpening up. If you do not have editing software, there are several kinds of free stuff out there available for download. if you do, then sharpening helps, especially with scanned photos. If you want help with photography, put more info about your pics with each how you got the image, what settings you used, etc.

christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2008-02-06 3:41] [+]

Not a bad shot, but some pointers...first the focus is very soft(blurry) and needs to be coprrected at the time of the photo. Second, to help make the photo more"real" and pull the viewers attention into the frame, try either getting down lower to include more foreground, or alternately frame the phot so that the edges of the road go out of frame at the lower left and /or right hand corners. It improves the perspective and depth that way. Like the colours. I miss home...and it brings back memories.

christor Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 28] (218) [2008-01-29 11:28] [+]

What a cherub! Great sharpness of the eyes and nose. Blurring the backdrop a little helps focus more on him and less on the clothesrack, but still gives the viewer an idea of where he is and what is going on.The thing to remeber in portraits, even candid ones is to keep his eyes in the upper half of the frame (so the saying goes) but I do like the unorthodax way his profile line bisects the frame diagonally. What a cute boy.