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Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-05-17 22:43]

Hi Wentzel,
Nice shot. Bob looks a little surprised, though. ;P
You did a decent job on composition. Nice and off-centered giving a dynamic presentation. And not having any strong elements centered allows for better eye movement, too. The flash took out the shadows, but I have to wonder if now that light isn't too flat? It's a tough call because I've seen studio lighting where they do eliminate the shadows...hmmm.... The background I'm personally not too thrilled about. I think the map is just a little busy. Maybe get Bob to stand a little further away, zoom, and stand close to him and let the dof (also use a large aperature) blur it away a bit more. "Full frame" presentation...very good! (I have this thing about cropping--I think it's too easy to crop...anyone can crop a badly composed picture and make it's okay...but not "good" technique, in my opinion). It's a good shot with a good and tight use of space. Good job.
And welcome to TL!
Take care.

Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-04-24 22:33]

Hi Will,
Nice shot. I like the blur. The low angle is very effective, it gives height to her jump and gives more urgency to the blur. This has a lot of tension.
Well done.

Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-04-13 15:45]

Hi Romain,
Nice shot. It's well composed with the main subject off centered and walking into the frame. However, I think the timing may be off a little. It's kind of odd how the drum stick is up so high by her mouth, it looks like she's going to sneeze on it... Anyhow, I do like the color processing it's interesting...and the vignette works well to bring her out from the parade of people. Good job.

Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-03-17 0:56]

Hi Marco,
Nice shot. I like the low-key aspect of this portrait. And, the tilt of your head, with one ear turned to sound. Hmmm...but I wonder...about the this what you feel when you listen to music? Perhaps it's a different kind of music than I'm used to. For me, listening to music...there's colors, lights, and emotions...not so much darkness...heh...perhaps I listen to too much disco? Maybe darkness in a lull or when some string instruments are softly playing...instrumentals...yes...maybe... Cool.
Take care.

Title: Gone
Gone (16)
marcocig Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 464 W: 50 N: 79] (3719)


Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-03-09 12:57]

Hi Marco,
Well...she CAN go...I liked her brother much better! ;P lol!
Anyhow, nice shot. I can't tell exactly what those marks in the snow are, but, I assum their from someone walking by. So, for that, I like that you show someone was there but then chose to leave. The dull purple color you used is good for abstract effect; it enhances the cold of the snow and the feeling. Well done.

Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-03-01 20:35]

Hi Paul,
Nice shot. I like the pp work. You made it go from dreary to warm sunset, in no time flat. The composition is okay, I like the diagonal "smoothness" of the mud, and how the ripply waters accent the top of the composition. Shooting birds like this is quite a challenge (I know, I got shots like this). For the most part, it looks pretty well done. Good catch.
Take care.
I just got an idea. Next time carry your tripod with you. Use a long shutter and see if you can't get some movement from those birds that fly around--if they fly around. ;P

Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-03-01 20:31]

Hi Ed,
Nice shot. I think your shutterspeed was just right. I like how there's just a tad bit of movement. It's because I have a shot kind of like this one, but with a lightrail train moving across. I had the shutter open much longer than you (2 or 3 seconds), and the train just became a big blur--a big wall of light. With this one, I like that the form of the bus isn't totally gone, that there's the front end still visible. ('s how I like it, anyhow. Stay tuned, someone else may come and tell you different). ;P The light of this early evening catch looks good, too. I like it how you can still see the walls of the buildings, and its detail, but, still be able to catch the lights on inside. Good timing!
Take care.

Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-03-01 20:16] [+]

Hi Pierre,
Nice shot. You placed the red glove in a sweet spot. And taking the shot at the angle and using the lines from the sidewalk and stairs was a very good move; it's much more dynamic this way than taking it from a top view. *cough, cough, cough* The light looks good, too. It looks like a cold day out and it enhances the mood of this pic.
Well done!

Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-03-01 16:52]

Hi Dennis,
This is really pretty. The shallow dof is really nice and lets the foreground flowers pop out from the background ones. The texture of the petal is just neat. And, the colors are lovely. Well seen!

Shutter2Think Gold Star Critiquer [C: 855 W: 0 N: 0] (0) [2006-02-27 18:37] [+]

Hi Ed,
I like how you have the convergence of the highways up to the upper part of the frame. Our eyes sweep up the frame very well with the flow of the traffic. And not ending in center, the roads lead our eye up to the horizon, where there's a nice span that includes the bridge to the left and some of the city on the right. Very good eye movement. The sepia tone, which is colder than usual, was a good touch for mood. Well done!