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Sascha (384) [2008-09-21 6:08]

Very nice moody shot, perfect light and timing!


Sascha (384) [2006-11-05 13:25]

Great picture! Light and composition perfect. Also the foggy background adds to the mood.

Sascha (384) [2006-11-01 14:06]

Nice picture and good idea! Would like to see the main object a bit more in focus though.
Well done!

Sascha (384) [2006-11-01 13:58]

Very good! Did you see that before you took the picture?

Sascha (384) [2006-11-01 13:48]

This is a very beautiful photo. Focus and light are perfect!

Sascha (384) [2006-10-29 10:15]

A nice one, Saman! Sun and the very dark clouds. Good work with the panorama, too.