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Rolanda (215) [2015-02-02 2:24] [+]

Hi Marine

Great introduction! Now I have learn also something new! Your photo is really beautiful. Another outstanding photo!

Great work, thank you for sharing!


Rolanda (215) [2015-02-02 0:07]

Hi Lurdes!

Great Exposure! Your photo is very interesting ! I like the details with the spots! Great contrast and sharpness!


Rolanda (215) [2015-01-30 5:22] [+]

Hi Marine

I must say good work! Your background, the rain drops on the web and the spider worked well together!

Great work! I am crazy about your photo. If it was my picture I will framed it and put it on my wall.


Rolanda (215) [2015-01-29 23:40]

Hi kishore!

Beautiful photo of this fountain! Great exposure and nice detail. I like the tree on the background.


Rolanda (215) [2015-01-29 23:28]

Hi Erwin

Great work with the photo. I do not think there is more you can do to improve the picture. It is already on its best! Great thinking with the macro!


Rolanda (215) [2015-01-28 23:01] [+]

Hi Mohamad!

You did chose well with the white rose and black background. I agree with you in photography you must try different styles to get one best shot! Great lighting and good contrast. If you take a closer shot it will improve your photo a little bit more and you will see more details on the rose. Still great photo !


Rolanda (215) [2015-01-28 4:35]

Hi Erwin

Beautiful view of the sunrise. I wish I where in your shoes to capture a moment of sunrise of the ocean! Great colors and great timing!


Rolanda (215) [2015-01-28 4:27]

Hi Fonia!

Your topic suits your photo! I agree with Bob your photo is irresistible! Great work with the black and white filter!


Rolanda (215) [2015-01-28 4:22]

Hi Kishore!

Interesting sky Krishore it put the interest on the bird!

Great work!


Rolanda (215) [2015-01-27 23:08]

Hi Bob!

Well done with this picture, I liked the details and with the dark background the details of the rose came more out!