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Muhmood (72) [2008-10-12 7:24]

Wish i lived on the second floor in the blue one with the tent in front of it :))

Muhmood (72) [2008-03-24 16:55] [+]

This is one of the best photos you uploaded here, Derek. When i was in UK it amazed me that you have sawns here and there, and it is a norm, like seeing sparrows everywhere. But in Russia you would hardly find a sawn in a regular landscape, they are very rare and endangered here.

Muhmood (72) [2008-03-24 16:43] [+]

Hello Derek, thanks for commenting on my photo.. being a fan of Greece i could not skip you Greece photos! love this composition very much!

Muhmood (72) [2008-03-16 23:24] [+]

Hello Jacline, I love your train shots, they always make me feel sentimental somehow )

by the way - thanks for the workshop of my cat photo! the only thing that i disagree with is that it is he, not she :)

Muhmood (72) [2008-03-07 13:16]

Yes the colors are very nice! looks more like a painting or a pic to paint from! But why is it architecture? it is more like a landscape i guess ))

Muhmood (72) [2008-03-07 13:14] [+]

As i keep saying - while composition and all the technical stuff matters to a degree, still the story telling is the most powerful bit that catches the eye - look at this tired man wearing rubber boots on a hot sunny day... this picture makes a million words! thanks for sharing!

Muhmood (72) [2008-03-07 0:54]

LOve the colors!! are they original? i think a vertical shot would make it more cold even with a palette like that, this way it is more welcoming to me.

Muhmood (72) [2008-03-06 6:13] [+]

Pretty scary stryped eye )

Muhmood (72) [2008-03-06 6:06]

Being an artist myself i got attracted to this shot right away! - Looks like the painting comes out not exactly misty? :))
what i like is that this photo tells a story not just a composition or any other tecnique stuff, i simply foget about these things looking at it and that is what really counts in the end ))