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CarOze (97) [2017-10-10 19:17] [+]

Thanks for this pic that gives both social support and professional shot.

CarOze (97) [2017-10-10 19:14] [+]

Very nice catch of an extraordinary ordinariness. Thanks

CarOze (97) [2017-10-10 19:07]

Wealthy scrap!Right catch of your eye.Thanks

CarOze (97) [2010-10-18 13:01]

Interesting!Thanks for sharing.

CarOze (97) [2010-06-08 11:23]

I imagine life on earth once started like this...Thanks for sharing!

CarOze (97) [2010-04-02 14:24]

Excellent, thanks! CarOze

CarOze (97) [2010-03-20 14:07]

Personally I like this picture very much, but I'm an artist (painter/sculpture), so I might see things differently, having other priorities about "interesting" or "nice". Can't charm everybody all the time! CarOze

CarOze (97) [2010-03-20 11:55] [+]

Thanks for posting this cute Mantis, looks like she has been waiting for you! Welcome to TL, you could send this pic also to TN. Have a nice time and lots of great experience with us! CarOze

CarOze (97) [2009-12-21 10:50]

You really caught an artwork here, amazing and thrilling, as you say : between pain and wonder...Thanks, CarOze

CarOze (97) [2009-12-21 10:47]

Most beautiful pic! Although my work at TL and TN isn't of the same subject it might interest you though. Please have a look! CarOze