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PhotoCritique [Translate]

Alan_Kolnik (41) [2009-08-22 10:54]

She is beautiful, and the photograph is beautiful but marred by either the movement of her head or insufficient DOF which has blurred her face, hands and upper body (her skirt on the bottom right seems to be where the focus plane was).

Alan_Kolnik (41) [2008-10-02 12:15]

You got both design and color right in this one! Well done!

Alan_Kolnik (41) [2008-09-28 15:22]

A great window into a special style of architecture. Your fram adds impact.

Alan_Kolnik (41) [2008-09-28 15:21]

Very nice! The frame adds focus to the amusing picture, and the greens are wonderful!

Alan_Kolnik (41) [2008-09-27 10:50]

Good shot and clever crop - seeing the second horse coming up behind makes it a very dynamic picture.

Alan_Kolnik (41) [2005-04-17 15:58]

Very sharp, and the blue saturation would be unremarked if you didn't mention it! I like the way you caucht the small outcrop in the notch between the distance shoreline - makes it stand out well.