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toreapango (0) [2005-03-23 7:11] [+]

Hi Jancie, very nice:-) I wonder if you have applied sharpening to this image? The rushes look a little 'jaggy' and perhaps uneven in tone in some parts. I've been finding that sharpening has been altering the tone of some of my photos. Ben:-)

toreapango (0) [2005-03-23 4:06] [+]

Jamie, a nice photo with good timing. The green in the breaking wave is what hangs the photo together:-)

toreapango (0) [2005-03-23 4:00]

Natalie, I like the effect you have created - the subject lends itself so well to the colour/ b/w combination. Unfortunately, the image is a little soft, perhaps from camera shake:) On the other-hand, my partner like the softness - it's reminiscent of the 50's, Marilyn Monroe, Disney etc:)

toreapango (0) [2005-03-22 6:04]

Fernando, I like the composition with the trees. I have tried to take some similar photos in our forests her in NZ, but our rain forest is usually so dense I can't seem to create compsitions that have a well defined subject.

Title: Flowers
Flowers (2)
mazmaz Silver Workshop Editor/Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 13 N: 27] (368)


toreapango (0) [2005-03-22 0:54]

Wonderful picture:-) I think maybe you needed a little less DOF to blurr the background, but very nice all the same. I like the square format.

toreapango (0) [2005-03-22 0:51]

Jeff, interesting point-of-view. Nice one:)

I imagine that this photo was handheld given the f2.8, 1/64 sec exposure. I think it really needed a tripod (mine's always in the wardrobe when I need it...!) so you could stop down and get a larger DOF. The focus point in this photo does not really lead my eye anywhere.

toreapango (0) [2005-03-22 0:46] [+]

Ajai, lovely photo:-) I'd love to see some part of the rose to be in focus - perhaps the centre. Have you applied any post-process to this image?

toreapango (0) [2005-03-22 0:43] [+]

Franois, good DOF. Unfortunately, I think the dead plant matter in the bottom left corner is distracting. The colour temperature is also very cold. Maybe you needed to re-shoot on a day with strong overcast light and perhaps use a warm-up filter or warm the colour temperature in PS to compliment the yellows and greens. Finally, I think the plant in the centre is worth focussing on - maybe as a 6x6 crop. Hope this is helpful:-)

toreapango (0) [2005-03-22 0:16]

Bold photo and very yellow! What post-processsing do you do in PS?

My only comment is that I find the slightly offset viewpoint a little distracting.

toreapango (0) [2005-03-22 0:11]

This photo is a wonderful composition, with the focus in just the right place, and with lovely shallow DOF. Well done!