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mirkophosis (32) [2005-06-06 11:19]

buenisima la fotoo!! los colores y el ambiente q se logran son fantasticos!!
un abrazo

mirkophosis (32) [2005-05-19 0:06]

...there's no sensation to compare with this.
suspended animation, a state of bliss.
gotta keep my eyes from...

excellent photo!! movement is so pure and nifty, great colors and ambience

mirkophosis (32) [2005-05-19 0:04]

kucice maybe????
my grandfathers came from there, anyway, beatiful picture, very nice colours and depth.
very nice country too!!!

Title: van
van (16)
adbon (18)


mirkophosis (32) [2005-05-18 23:58]

reaally nice depth on this one, it's a great presentation card for this country, excellent colours