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PhotoCritique [Translate]

scubie Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 50 W: 5 N: 13] (183) [2006-08-04 7:11]

Hi Meity

When a photo is viewed in excess of 100 times (137 when I got here) and nobody made any comments, then one starts wondering why. Probably because of the attitude on TL "...if I give you points, I expect points in return..." and sight is lost of the purpose of the site.

With this in mind, I quote from the Overview on the About link of TL:
"The underlying theme of TrekLens is learning more about the world through photography. TrekLens fosters this by allowing photographers to display their work grouped by regions in a supportive and orderly environment. This is accomplished by an easy-to-use system which encourages people to critique each other's work. Integrated with this system are forums designed to encourage discussion about specific photos, countries, and general topics."

...critique each other's work...somehow if someone does not want to give points, they rather ignore the pic instead of making some kind of comment on the photographic skill, even if they were to select "Needs improvement"! Shame! Why take part in this brilliant site then at any rate!

With all this in mind, let me make my critique on this picture:

I loose the connection between the subject (mess of bikes) and the photo itself. Why is it a mess? They all look clean but it cannot be determined if they are just lying about or piled up or maybe some of them even just dirty. Having just been in Milan, Italy, the "mess of bikes" there at the railway stations is evident in that most have flat tyres, are extremely dirty, perhaps chained and hence not easily removable and obviously been there a long time. None of this can be seen in your photo.

Lastly as far as technique is concerned, lighting is not very good, large piece right in front is all out of focus. With all this in mind I would have rather stood a bit back to get more in the picture and be able to get the lighting a focus more controlled.

Good luck


Merel (264) [2005-10-20 16:52]

Great capture of emotion.
U did well.
Cheers, Merel.

kimmeintjens Silver Star Critiquer [C: 16 W: 0 N: 5] (151) [2005-09-02 2:51]

sorry vergeten punten te geven, zo nu dan

kimmeintjens Silver Star Critiquer [C: 16 W: 0 N: 5] (151) [2005-09-02 2:50]

zeker al die punten waard

kimmeintjens Silver Star Critiquer [C: 16 W: 0 N: 5] (151) [2005-09-02 2:47]

he meity,
jop en kim hier, wij zijn sinds kort ook begonnen.
dit vindt ik een mooie foto, het midden scherp zou inderdaad nog mooier zijn, maar ja dat is oefenen he.
succes groetjes jop en kim

ruudblok Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1845 W: 727 N: 2259] (23329) [2005-08-28 12:20] - [workshop] [compare]

Nice colorful boot. Good use of the area.
You can (if you like) blur the outside
See WS

groet Ruud

blackpixel Silver Star Critiquer [C: 13 W: 0 N: 6] (165) [2005-08-28 8:24]

nice view but certainly more interesting without little embarcation on left and it is a pity for the white place over the deck.
I was also in Sail05 on a ship call RaraAvis or Bel Espoir, two french ship side by side also with dutch ship Tukker. Just side by Urania.
I saw 3 members of TE, Rinie Hoff, Rockyboy and SophieL, we wear Tshirt TE !

ajcsousa Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 303 W: 65 N: 287] (1878) [2005-08-25 18:05]

Hi Meity,
A very nice idea and a not so comum shot. Great work :)

Be well,

M4tej Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 212 W: 28 N: 82] (781) [2005-08-25 15:37] - [workshop] [compare]

I like photo.
COOL idea.
I like colours.
Maybe it cold be beter to try make it more dark.
Only my thinking. ;))

torr Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 384 W: 50 N: 81] (1767) [2005-08-20 17:50]

Not only te pic. makes me smile,...
But just the way you took it,...
And take it from me, it is your brane and eye who capture the picture,...
The rest all things you can by.
Imagination you can't.
It is a gift you reseve,...
And you use it ;-).
We all have to