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ginzburg (32) [2006-08-30 17:28] [+]

Hello Juanjo,

Great picture. Very nice game of light and shadows. Good sharpness. Congrats.


ginzburg (32) [2006-08-30 14:57]

Hello Michael,
Very nice picture. A real postcard. Great colours and composition. Nice presentation. Remembers me of a few years ago when I followed some courses in english in Brighton. I loved to walk on that pier. TFS.

ginzburg (32) [2006-08-30 14:49]

Hello Sabine.

This picture is so beautiful. Great colours and compostition. Congrats! TFS. Ginz.

ginzburg (32) [2006-08-30 14:46]

Hello Jon,

Great picture! What a superb colours and composition. Congrats. TFS.


ginzburg (32) [2006-08-30 14:36]

Hello Valentina,

I love this flower. Very nice POV. TFS.


ginzburg (32) [2006-08-30 14:30] [+]

Hello Linda,

This is a great picture. I love the POV and compostion. Great colours too. Very good presentation. TFS.


ginzburg (32) [2006-08-30 14:28]

Very nice picture! I like the composition and POV. TFS.