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fmlavita (24) [2009-12-29 7:49]

What I love mostly in this shot, is the angle you used. Rarely the back of a flower is shown by photographers. In this case, not only the flower itself is interesting, also its colour, the shadow and the light helps for a great presentation to the watcher..

fmlavita (24) [2009-12-29 5:43]

Amazing shot, I love old windows and doors....My favorite theme to shoot!!!!

fmlavita (24) [2009-07-05 6:41]

Its very funny to swim among them... In fact they are more afraid of the people around them....they never come so close to people so they are harmless!!!! I had a few chances to shoot some photos of them underwater, they are vanishing at once!!!!
Thanks for sharing such a nice memory, a cool photo in the middle of the hot summer!!!

fmlavita (24) [2009-05-30 9:44]

....unusual perspective, mostly for the flower, nice background!!!!

fmlavita (24) [2009-05-30 9:31]

One of my favorite themes!!!! Flowers after the rain....Fantastic details, very clear image!!!!

fmlavita (24) [2009-05-29 14:58]

Very nice colours and also very nice contrast with the background!!!!

fmlavita (24) [2009-05-29 14:56]

Very clear and detailed close up!!!!!

fmlavita (24) [2009-05-29 14:54]

This is a real poet.... very good balanced and framed very well!!!!

fmlavita (24) [2009-05-29 14:49] [+] after the rain is one of my favorite themes to shoot... In this one I love the nice white~pink flower which comes in such a nice contrast with the black background!!!!!

fmlavita (24) [2009-05-29 14:46]

Η γωνια ληψης ειναι υπεροχη, η προοπτικη επισης!!!! Ομολογω οτι μου αρεσει πολυ η διασταση που δινει η κοντινη εστιαση στα βραχια και η μακρινη στο τελος.... οδηγει το ματι στο μικρο αυτο ~φαρο~ και πεταει προς τον οριζοντα!!!!