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dominant (126) [2009-08-17 0:03]

Ok thats cool.

Nice work

dominant (126) [2007-03-19 21:37]

Wonderful shot. I like the color and composition of this photo. Only one problem, we still have snow :)


dominant (126) [2007-03-12 4:44]

Compared to UND, I'm sure that the faculty/staff circle of BS is much smaller at that school.

dominant (126) [2007-01-18 11:21]

Is this inverted? I think it would be much better if we could see what your cat really looks like. If you do like this photo thing, save up some money and buy a cheap little digital camera. Anything is better than scanning photos, I would know.

good luck,

dominant (126) [2007-01-16 14:33]

very peaceful setting, it reminds me of my home state. great capture.


dominant (126) [2006-12-05 12:54]

Great Shot!
I love dusk/night shots.
The color in the castle
and sky is so rich.



dominant (126) [2006-12-01 15:26]

Nice picture. However, I think I would kill that ugly cat if it were mine ;) TFS

dominant (126) [2005-08-10 17:33]

Very beautiful picture Ryan. I hope your time in Alaska is a lot more fun than the time you spend in Fargo_0. Keep taking great pics and I'll check up every now and then. Hurry up and get back to Nodak, we gotta play some cs.

P.S. I think someone likes you (^ up there)

dominant (126) [2005-04-18 15:41]

I like how this picture slowly contrasts. The light coming from the right fades to black as it goes across. Keep up the good work

dominant (126) [2005-04-15 5:54]

I think its pretty cool